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The first and oldest domains registered

This is a list of the current root namservers. A root nameserver is a DNS server that answers for the root namespace and redirects up to the top level domain nameservers.
Letter 	Old name 	Operator 	Location
A 	ns.internic.net 	VeriSign 	Dulles, Virginia, USA
B 	ns1.isi.edu 	ISI 	Marina Del Rey, California, USA
C 	c.psi.net 	Cogent 	distributed using anycast
D 	terp.umd.edu 	University of Maryland 	College Park, Maryland, USA
E 	ns.nasa.gov 	NASA 	Mountain View, California, USA
F 	ns.isc.org 	ISC 	distributed using anycast
G 	ns.nic.ddn.mil 	U.S. DoD NIC 	Columbus, Ohio, USA
H 	aos.arl.army.mil 	U.S. Army Research Lab 	Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, USA
I 	nic.nordu.net 	Autonomica 	distributed using anycast
J 		VeriSign 	distributed using anycast
K 		RIPE NCC 	distributed using anycast
L 		ICANN 	Los Angeles, California, USA
M 		WIDE Project 	Tokyo, Japan

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